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North Coast Perspectives

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301  - A Conversation with Assemblyman Jim Wood

Assemblyman Jim Wood sat for an interview with James Faulk, tackling a range of topics.

302 - Humboldt County's Doctor Dearth

On North Coast Perspectives this month, we examine Humboldt County's doctor shortage.

300 - A Conversation with Representative Jared Huffman

Our moderator poses questions to your representative on taxes, infrastructure, and more.

201 - Art Exporters

What do you get when you add energy to genius and introduce humor into real world scenarios?  Join us on North Coast Perspectives when Joan Schirle and Duane Flatmo reveal how they, as local icons, moved their art forms out into the world.  Living behind the Redwood Curtain is an incubator of talent, not a barrier.  Meet these two real life characters on North Coast Perspective.

202 - Creative Productions

What do pears and beans have in common?  We learn how these basics are turned into unusual and valuable Humboldt County exports.  Abe Stevens of Fortuna Distillery and Adam Dick of Dick Taylor Chocolates let us in on a few secrets.

203 - The Billion Dollar Question, Part I: Pot and the Money

Some believe that the local annual Marijuana production and sales could be in the billion dollar range.  Is this realistic?  How do we know?  where does this money go?  How does this impact affect our economy?  our environment?  our communities?  Dr. Erick Eschker and Dr. Steven Hackett, economists, will shed some light on these questions.

204 - The Billion Dollar Question,  Part II: Pot and the Law

Like it or not, Marijuana is the headline topic here locally and nationally.  The environmental damage to land and property is reaching massive proportions, raising havoc in neighborhoods, stretching tax-dollars and stressing Humboldt county personnel.  Sheriff Mike Downey and District Attorney Paul Gallegos address some of these issues.

205 - Alternative Community Investment Strategies

Community Investing takes on new meaning on North Coast Perspectives.  Humboldt County is richly diverse with business start-ups.  One thing they all have in common... cash flow... and sometimes the need for capital investment.  Our guests have years of experience in banking, investing, regional planning and crowd-sourcing.  Watch and listen to learn about new possibilities to grow our economy.  Patrick Cleary, Executive Director, Humboldt Area Foundation, Kathy Moxon, Director, Redwood Coast Rural Action, and Seth Geddes, Business Development Consultant specializing in Social Media Optimization & Branding.

206 - Life Transitions

Formal education does not have to stop at age 18 or 22.  Our region is rich with learning opportunities throughout life.  This week on North Coast Perspectives, we hear from leaders whose work provides limitless choices for learning.  Featured guests are from the Osher Life Long Learning Institute, Humboldt Area Foundation and the author of The Second Half: A Lively Look at Life After Fifty.  Tracey Barnes Priestley, writer, actor, counselor, Chris Witt, Director of Donor Services, Humboldt Area Foundation and Sheila Rocker Heppe, Director, Osher Life Long Learning Institute are featured.

101 - Manufacturing

National and international exports, longevity/sustainability in Humboldt.

Ron Samuels, Founder and Owner, Marimba One

Michael Christian, President and CEO, American Hydroponics

Mary Keehn, Founder, Cypress Grove Chevre

102 - Aquaculture

Humboldt Bay as a Resource.

Erika Blackwell, Start-up Entrepreneur, experimental aquaculture startup in Samoa

Mike Wilson, Commissioner, Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation and Conservation District

103 - Air Transportation

The politics and economics of air transportation.

Don Ehnebuske, Executive Director, Redwood Region Economic Development Corporation

Emily Jacobs, Program Coordinator, Arcata/McKinleyville Airport

104 - Water Sales/ Export

Protecting local water rights and planning for Humboldt's future.

Carol Rische, Director, Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District,

Sheri Woo, Board Member, HBMWD

105 - Business via internet/broadband

"Behind-the Scenes" Businesses that rely on internet/broadband.

Kelsy Anderson, Founder and Owner, Ideal Positions

Ginger Weber, President, Premier Advisor Group

Sean McLaughlin, Director, Access Humboldt

106 - Start-ups from "Nothing": those you know and some you don't.

National and international exports. Turning natural resources to profit.

Willy Winer, Founder and CEO, FoxFarm,

John McClurg, CEO and Owner, Fire and Light

Vicky Joyce, Founder and Owner, Bubbles