Support PBS North Coast

PBS North Coast, Channel 13 relies upon your support to provide our North Coast community with quality public television programming and services. Becoming a PBS North Coast supporter or renewing your commitment in PBS North Coast is simple!

  • Become a Member
    With a PBS North Coast membership, you'll always know what's on public television by checking your Spotlight magazine - delivered to your home each month, electronically or in the mail!
  • PBS North Coast Sustainer Membership
    With a contribution of as little as $5.00 per month deducted directly from your credit or debit card you can join the growing family of PBS North Coast members who generously give monthly gifts to the station. As other funding sources become uncertain PBS North Coast Sustaining Members provide a dependable, ongoing source of funding that allows us to concentrate on airing the great programs that you enjoy, year after year.
  • Donate Your Vehicle to PBS North Coast
    Now there is another way that you can support PBS North Coast by donating your used car, boat, truck, motor home, or other vehicle. It is so easy! Either call 1.877.411.DONATE (1.877.411.3662) or fill out our simple form. All proceeds will benefit PBS North Coast's Ready to Learn Future Fund.
  • Renner Petroleum and PBS North Coast
    Renner Petroleum is teaming up with PBS North Coast to help fuel our future! As a Renner Petroleum customer you can help PBS North Coast build a stable financial future every time you fill up. There is no extra cost - simply authorize Renner Petroleum to send a portion of your monthly bill to PBS North Coast. It's that simple.
  • Volunteer
    Help us with a gift of your time. There are so many opportunities to support the PBS North Coast team.
  • Underwriting
    As a business, one of the most popular ways to support PBS North Coast and be publicly recognized for your commitment to quality television is by underwriting a program or daypart.
  • Special Events
    As a business, one important way to help PBS North Coast is to sponsor a special event.
  • On-Air Auction
    Twice a year, hundreds of businesses donate items to PBS North Coast's longest-running special fund raising event; the LIVE televised auction.
  • Planned Giving
    Planned Gifts provide an opportunity both to realize your personal financial goals and to strengthen PBS North Coast for the future.