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Early Childhood Education

About Ready to Learn

KEET Ready to Learn: Read, Do, and View.

KEET's Ready to Learn service is an initiative designed to help our community's children 0-8 years old become media-wise, curious, explorers of knowledge, who will thus begin school "ready to learn." Channel 13 has long demonstrated a commitment to serving our local children; parents, teachers and child care providers by offering quality educational programs, story times, workshops and fun family events.

In 1996, the station began building on a strong foundation that had been highly researched and tested by PBS for 10 years prior to be introduced. Today, that service of KEET includes a daily line-up of more than six hours of weekday children's programming specially designed to meet the needs of preschool and school-aged children. KEET also provides educational messages between programs that urge children and their big people to enjoy the rewards of life-long learning.

Ready to Learn focuses on a strong early literacy component by modeling a technique known as the PBS Learning Triangle. Using a VIEW, READ, and DO approach to learning at community events, regular story time programs in libraries, family resource centers, family child care centers, preschools and elementary schools throughout the viewing area. KEET's Ready to Learn service also offers free workshops on a variety of topics for parents, childcare providers, and teachers featuring developmentally appropriate materials and practices along with free books that encourage "raising readers."


Ready to Learn Future Fund

Ready to Learn Future FundOn October 11, 2010, KEET was notified that Public Education Project funding for the station's early childhood education program, Ready to Learn service, had been cut by the California Department of Education - Child Development Division.

KEET received $30,000 annually which sustained the RTL program since 2008 when the U.S. Department of Education zeroed out funding to PBS to coordinate a national Ready To Learn media literacy outreach program. The U.S. Dept. of Education does continue to fund PBS Kids television programming.

Since October 2010, KEET has created the Ready To Learn Future Fund to raise $35,000.00 annually to continue this vital  program. KEET has applied for several outreach grants for RTL, held an on-air fundraiser, and established a used car donation program.  The car donation program is raising over $10,000 annually. KEET continues to seek funding in the form of business underwriters of PBS Kids programming, sponsors and tax-deductible donations to continue the Ready To Learn program.

For more information about KEET's Ready To Learn service please call 707.445.0813.

Or if you would like to support the Ready To Learn Future Fund, you can send a check to RTL, P.O. Box 13, Eureka, CA 95502.

KEET's Ready To Learn Future Fund is also accepting car donations. Call 1.877.411.DONATE (1.877.411.3662) or fill out the easy donation form.