About PBS North Coast

david gordon

I'm David Gordon, Executive Director of PBS North Coast. On behalf of the board of directors and staff of PBS North Coast, I invite you to take the time to explore our site and discover the many ways in which public media positively impacts the lives of area residents. You will find you can become a member, check out our current and past programs and educational outreach projects, discover when your favorite shows will be on, and sign up to become a PBS North Coast volunteer.

PBS North Coast is for everyone who wants to be more. Our television and educational services change lives for the better and help individuals and communities achieve their full potential. The station has a very proud history of being an important part of life on California's North Coast for more than 46 years. I recognize how much the citizens of the North Coast value the role that PBS North Coast plays in our communities. PBS North Coast serves our local communities with trusted news and programs that inspire, respect and educate our audience. PBS North Coast delivers this content via multiple outlets, including television and digital media and will adapt and remain relevant in a rapidly changing world.

Exceptional programming and community outreach projects are at the heart of this public television station's mission "to educate, inform and enrich" our communities. Undoubtedly, your public television station has positively impacted life on the North Coast in many ways. PBS North Coast provides five distinct channels of programming offering PBS, PBS Kids, Create, FNX and World. PBS North Coast broadcasts the best available programs from PBS, APT, and other distributors, and also produces its own unique regional and local programs, series, and specials. PBS North Coast is committed to bringing the work of local and independent producers to the community.

PBS North Coast serves the people of the North Coast with a community-supported alternative to commercial media. We provide citizens with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions, convene community dialogue, bring the arts to everyone, and engage audiences to share their stories. We help students and teachers thrive in 21st century classrooms, and take people of all ages on journeys of exploration exposing them to new people, places and ideas. PBS North Coast television offers programming for all ages. Starting with a full line-up of the most well-researched children's educational programs like the time-honored SESAME STREET to CURIOUS GEORGE. Add to that featured local programs that highlight the North Coast communities and its culture, people, neighborhoods and issues.PBS North Coast also boasts some of the most critically acclaimed documentary, drama and entertainment programs throughout the week including MASTERPIECE, FRONTLINE, NOVA, and AMERICAN EXPERIENCE.

When you explore our web site I hope you will discover that PBS North Coast is much more than just a provider of programs. Please visit this site often to see all the things that PBS North Coast is doing as an active partner in North Coast communities. We celebrate diversity, embrace innovation, value lifelong learning and partner with those who share our passion for public service. At PBS North Coast we strive to engage with our citizens and showcase the unique neighborhoods and people that make our communities thrive.

PBS North Coast needs a capital infusion to replace technology and a building that has long outlived its useful life. That’s where you come in. This is your PBS station and it deserves your support. And remember, your donation is tax deductible.

Many viewers choose to become members of PBS North Coast in order to sustain these valuable resources for the residents of the North Coast. The station relies very heavily on financial support from its members and we would like to add YOU to the public television family. If you are not a member already I hope you'll consider joining today. To find out more about becoming a PBS North Coast member and membership benefits, or if you have any questions or comments about this site or about the services of your public television station, please contact us via email, regular mail, or by telephone. We look forward to hearing from you!