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The Tunnel - Sabotage Episode 2

Saturday, June 24th at 10 PM

The plane’s black box suggests a terrifying possibility, while a surprising chain of events bring Karl and Elise ever-closer to the Fournier abductors. But will they get to them in time?

Grantchester Season 3 on Masterpiece

Sunday, June 25th at 9 PM

A mysterious death and the unsettling appearance of a dead bird at the vicarage lead Sidney and Geordie down a dark path. Leonard forges a bond with a woman close to the case. Amanda and Sidney are blissfully in love…but how long can it continue?

Prime Suspect: Tennison on Masterpiece -

Sunday, June 25th at 10 PM

Behind every great detective is a backstory. MASTERPIECE dials back the clock to spotlight the influences that turned 22-year-old rookie policewoman Jane Tennison into the savvy, single-minded crime fighter beloved by Prime Suspect viewers over the course of seven seasons. Starring Stefanie Martini (Doctor Thorne) in the iconic role immortalized by Helen Mirren, Prime Suspect: Tennison airs in three riveting 90-minute episodes airing summer 2017 on MASTERPIECE on PBS.

POV "Dalya's Other Country/4.1 Miles

Monday, June 26th at 9 PM

A smiling, effervescent teenager, Dalya is the focus of the new documentary Dalya's Other Country, which tells the remarkable story of a family displaced by the Syrian conflict and explores a young life caught between highly politicized identities. Dalya comes across as an ordinary Southern California teenager. She takes selfies and goes to prom. She plays sports and hangs out at the mall. She is also the only student at her Catholic high school who wears a hijab. In 2012, Dalya moved to the United States from Aleppo, Syria, as her country disintegrated in the wake of a horrific civil war. Starting in 2013, the film follows Dalya and her mother through what seems at first a typical immigration experience. They adjust to unfamiliar American ways, even as they maintain the cultural and religious traditions that sustain them. However, they grow tense and anxious as the 2016 presidential campaign unfolds and candidate Donald Trump calls for restrictions on Muslim immigrants.

Story of China - Golden Age/Ming

Tuesday, June 27th at 8 PM

See the stunning achievements of two of China's most brilliant dynasties: the Song, creators of a Chinese Renaissance, and the Ming, builders of the Great Wall and the Forbidden City.

Big Pacific - Violent

Wednesday, June 28th at 8 PM

"Big Pacific" presents the ocean and its denizens in ways never before seen on television, exploring the monstrous to the minute; the alien to the intimate. Man has explored land, the ocean’s surface and large parts of the solar system, and in the 21st century we are just beginning to explore the depths of the Pacific Ocean. We yearn to unravel the mysterious Pacific, but she does not give up her secrets willingly. Surrounded by the Ring of Fire, the Pacific Ocean is the epicenter of natural mayhem. In the violent Pacific creatures must choose whether to avoid conflict or rise to meet it. There is plenty of food in the Pacific Ocean, but it is the challenge of finding that food that drives all life in the Pacific. In the voracious Pacific every mouthful counts. In the passionate Pacific, the quest to multiply has spawned a stunning array of unusual behaviors and adaptations.

Great Yellowstone Thaw

Wednesday,, June 28th at 9 PM

Wildlife cameraman Jeff Hogan discovers a nest of Great Gray Owls perched on top of a broken tree. There are three chicks, but one is a runt, significantly smaller than its siblings and at risk of starvation. And when the worst storms for years hit the Beartooth Mountains, Jeff wonders whether it can hang on. Even if it can, will all three chicks successfully fledge the nest before they overheat? Down on the Snake River the family of beavers is busy making the most of the Spring vegetation. Their winter larder is exhausted and the fresh supply of aspen leaves is a welcome feast. Infra red cameras give Jeff and host Kirk Johnson a secret view of life in the lodge, as the beavers squabble over food and do a spot of spring cleaning. Kirk dons a dry suit to head underwater to admire the engineering skills of these rodents. Massive boulders and branches are there to strengthen their dams, but will they be enough to withstand the thaw?

Masterpiece Mystery - Sherlock - His Last Vow

Thursday, June 29th at 9 PM

Since Sherlock’s (Benedict Cumberbatch) return, it seems that no one great criminal has stepped up to challenge him. But His Last Vow reveals an evil mastermind at work deep beneath the surface. Charles Augustus Magnusson (Lars Mikkelsen) is just a businessman, a newspaper owner, but somehow he owns the most powerful people in the western world. Now Sherlock and John Watson (Martin Freeman) find themselves facing off with this slippery, loathsome man—and with one of his victims.

Austin City Limits - Band of Horses/Parker Millsap

Saturday, July 1st at 9 PM

Enjoy modern roots rock with Band of Horses and Parker Millsap. BOH play tunes from their album Why Are You OK, as Millsap supports The Very Last Day.

The Tunnel - Sabotage Episode 3

Saturday, July 1st at 10 PM

Trail Elise as she uncovers some disturbing facts about a passenger, while Karl makes a major breakthrough. The police trace their way to the door of the political cell Defence, but what will they find behind it?

Grantchester season 3 on Masterpiece - Episode 3

Sunday, July 1st at 9 PM

When several villagers become ill at the local cricket match, Geordie and Sidney must determine if it was an accident, or something more sinister. Sidney and Amanda learn that their secret isn’t so secret after all.