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10 That Changed America - Monuments

Tuesday, July 17th at 8 PM

Explore the stories behind ten American monuments and the historical moments that inspired them. Visit little-known locations like the Robert Gould Shaw and Massachusetts 54th Regiment Memorial, a sculptural masterpiece dedicated to one of the first African-American units to serve in the Civil War, and learn the surprising stories behind American icons like the Statue of Liberty, which was devised as a propaganda piece by French republican politicians. It’s an episode full of epic battles fought over how to remember our past: from Maya Lin’s controversial design for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial to the ongoing controversies over Confederate monuments across the South. The episode also uncovers pivotal moments in the evolution of American monuments when daring artists found new ways to honor our history.

Austin City Limits - Jason Bell and the 400 Unit / Amanda Shires

Saturday, July 14th at 9 PM

Savor the best in Americana with Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit and Amanda Shires. Isbell and his band showcase their acclaimed roots rock from The Nashville Sound. Singer/songwriter/violinist Shires unveils her distinctive take on country music from My Piece of Land.

No Passport Required - New Orleans

Tuesday, July 17th at 9 PM

Chef Marcus Samuelsson discovers how Vietnamese cuisine and culture have influenced the city in delicious ways. From pho to banh mi, he learns how young chefs are taking culinary traditions and translating them for a new, multicultural generation.

Earths Natural Wonders - Surviving with Animals

Wednesday, July 18th at 8 PM

Learn why wildlife holds the key to survival for the people who live in some of the world's most extraordinary natural wonders, such as northern Australia, northern Siberia and Vanuatu. But animals can be foes as well as friends.

Himalaya: Kingdoms of the Sky

Wednesday, July 18th at 9 PM

Witness the extraordinary wildlife and remarkable people of Earth's highest mountain range, where Tibetan monks perform ancient rituals, snow leopards prowl the mountainsides and bizarre snub-nosed monkeys survive in frozen forests.

800 Words - Episode 101

Thursday, July 19th at 8 PM

Erik Thomson plays George, a man who once skated through life but is now stumbling. When his wife dies, he makes a rash decision to move his kids away from Sydney to the town of Weld, New Zealand where Turner spent his youth.


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