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PBS North Coast (KEET) has made changes in our channel lineups in order to make room for the brand new, 24/7, PBS KIDS Channel. Effective January 16th, PBS NC combined World and Create on channel 13.3. Both of these channels are primarily built in six hour blocks so most of the programs are still available during the broadcast day but perhaps at a different time than you have watched in the past. Channel 13.2 will be the PBS KIDS Channel. Channel 13.1 will remain our PBS HD channel and 13.4 will be FNX. It is our intention to restore World and Create to 24/7 services once we raise $160,000 needed to add a fifth channel to our lineup. Until then, we hope you and your family and friends will continue to enjoy PBS North Coast, your public media service.

PBS North Coast's Future is in Serious Jeopardy!

Help PBS North Coast

Dear PBS North Coast Viewer, 2016 has ended and PBS North Coast could be facing the end as well. I know you have heard this before but I must share with you the most serious threat PBS North Coast has ever faced. The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) has mandated that PBS North Coast must raise $800,000 annually in our local market; nothing new here. This is the same amount that stations in much larger markets such as San Francisco and New York must raise to qualify for our annual grant funds. Here’s the new part - in April, CPB implemented a new policy that mandates that PBS North Coast must raise a three year average of $800,000. If we fail to raise this average for three years in a row, we will lose our federal support. That would mean PBS North Coast would have to cease operations...

Evening at the Carson Mansion Dinner and Auction

Saturday, February 4th at 5:00 p.m.

If you are a member of KEET-TV, or the Ingomar Club you are invited to celebrate Public Television at one of our community's most celebrated historical landmarks, the Carson Mansion. You and your guests will enjoy a sumptuous dinner provided by the chefs of the Ingomar Club and you will have a chance to bid on items such as a 7 day trip to New Orleans, a beautiful hand crafted bowl from Mad River Glass and variety of art created by local artists, and so much more. All to benefit PBS North Coast. Tickets are $100.00 per person. For more information and reservations please call 445-0813.

Frontline: Trump's Road To The White House

Tuesday, January 24th at 10 PM

When Donald Trump is inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States on January 20, he'll inherit a country deeply divided by politics, race, gender, culture and economics — divisions that helped fuel his rise to the White House. How did Trump win? What ignited the intense polarization in the country and in Washington? And what is the legacy of President Barack Obama, who rode to power on the promise of transforming politics and uniting America? FRONTLINE will present President Trump, Divided States of America and Trump’s Road to the White House. Totaling six hours, this unprecedented series of documentaries chronicles Trump’s rise, tells the inside story of his campaign, and explores the roots of the division and polarization in Washington that frustrated the Obama presidency and laid the groundwork for the election of a defiant outsider.


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